The art of luxury leather goods


O. Wilde

We are a Luxury Leather Atelier located in the charming city of Turin, Italy.

We create unique  custom order leather bags entirely handmade.


One to One. This is our approach to design and customer relation.

We love to hear your ideas and to support you in a real co-design process.

We do not offer a selection of models and colors to choose from.

We do not want you to adapt to our taste.

We do not change our style every season.

We are here to support YOU.

We are here to give shape to your style, your personality, your needs.

It is not a shop-and-go kind of thing. You will not find any shopping cart here.

It is about relationship. It is about trust. It is about human touch.

You have an idea or simply want to know more about us?
Contact us at 

In town for a short time? Be our guest! Contact us for a coffee or chocolate!

We are looking forward to getting to know you.


SEI is a leather workshop based in Turin, Italy. We work exclusively on bespoke items and we craft our custom made bags ourselves and entirely by hand.

Above all, we have admiration and respect for finely made things, we look at the quality of materials as much as the quality of workmanship and finish.

We favor a durable product that never goes out of style, that can tell a story.

This is why our leather bags are unique products born from the encounter between the finest leathers and the most exquisite technical craftsmanship.

SEI’s handbags are made from the finest leathers supplied by top reference French, German and Italian tanneries. Our selection includes different kinds of finishing such as: nappa leather, nubuck, saffiano in a wide variety of colours.

In addiction, we can support customers that want to use specific materials such as embroidery, printed textiles, or leathers, vintage canvas to find the best combination to create a truly personal signature item.

If you are a designer or you are looking to create your own brand, we can support you with patterns and model prototyping.


It is hard to find real artisans these days. Crafting handmade products takes time.

It is the time we take to listen to our customers, understanding their needs, and advising them in the choices.
It is the time we put into the realization of each bag, looking for the elegance of the proportions and the lines, taking care of every detail.

Buying a handmade product means recognizing the value of this time.

An added value, so intangible but so real.



I am Sei, a leather master and artist with more than 10 years of experience in the bags field. I aknowledge attention, care, technical refinement and the use of the highest quality materials as the core values of my work.

I personally take care of your project from start to end, one stitch after the other, from the definition of the pattern to the finishing of the smallest detail.

If you are a designer, I can support you with the development of your samples and prototypes.


You can find me in Torino, Italy, in Via Lagrange 29.
Please note that the atelier opens on appointment only.

Please drop me a line if you are in town and want to visit, I will be happy to have a coffee with you.